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In my latest story for I wrote about NUVO sparkling liqueur and a couple of its modern spin-offs, the Timbaland-fronted Le SUTRA and the organic Prevu.

Is Carbonated Liqueur the New Cristal?
By Camper English 

There was really no way to predict that NUVO and its imitators would be more than a passing fad in U.S. bars and clubs. Cristal, Hennessy, Dom: Those kind of made sense when they blew up in pop culture over the years. They're luxury brands with luxury prices. The whole aspirational thing. But pink bubbly liqueur with a $30 price tag? What's more, there are at least two more NUVO-like products hitting store shelves this season.

How did this bizarre trend come to be?


Carbonated liqueurs
I cover a short history of the brands and how they're being served at bottle service spots. 

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