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Creme de Mmmmm

CremeDeMentheMLast year around this time, Tempus Fugit spirits released some of their Creme de Menthe Glaciale for the holidays. It was delicious; bold and minty and icy and you can drink it on its own as a digestif a la Fernet-Branca. 

After that first batch sold out, it dissappeared as they were preparing a larger batch of it, and then a change in distribution delayed it again. It finally arrived on store shelves only a couple of months ago. 

I waited until it was available to write it up for, where I offer the recipe for a Stinger and the Grasshopper. 

So you can go read that over there.

Stinger 1200

If you haven't had a chance to try it yet, seek it out. It's good stuff. Bring some to grandma's house this holiday season and you'll be the star of the family. 

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