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Lesser Classic Cocktails in a New Book

Leaveit2me 1200The new book Let's Bring Back: The Cocktail Edition: A Compendium of Impish, Romantic, Amusing, and Occasionally Appalling Potations from Bygone Eras by Lesley M. M. Blume is a humorous, illustrated book that lists recipes for lesser-known vintage drinks like the Laughing Soup, Gloom Lifter, and Battery Charger. 

I wrote about it here on and included the recipe for the Leave-It-To-Me Cocktail.

A lot of the recipes in the book call for apricot brandy, a combination of sweet/dry vermouth and bitters, orange juice, eggs, absinthe, and grenadine. Not all together. So in some ways you can see why they're lesser-known vintage cocktails compared to the Manhattan and Negroni. 

So one wouldn't neccesarily want to make all the recipes in it- many are a bit close to each other in formulation- but it's a really cute book with nice illustrations and a good sense of humor all the way around. It should make a good gift book this year. 

Lets bring backM

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