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Top PR Peeves About Writers

PdxcwDuring Portland Cocktail Week, I was a panelist in a seminar called "PR and Writers: Can't We All Just Get Along?" 

We talked about things that PR folks do that aggravate cocktail bloggers and writers, and things that writers do to annoy PR people.

In yesterday's post, we talked about what PR folks do that bugs writers. Today here's a list of:

Top Things Drink Bloggers and Writers Do that Annoy PR Folks

Not Showing Up to Events after RSVPing
Some events are very small and very expensive to produce, and for writers to not show up makes PR people look bad in front of their client, can cost them money, and might rob that opportunity another writer may have been able to take advantage of.

Trying to Bring Guests to Intimate Events
Big parties are one thing, but intimate events/dinners/trips are another. Writers should be aware that these are work functions, not social events, and it's not appropriate to show up spouses/friends without asking. PR folks also say they get pressure from writers ("I'll only show up if my wife can come") and that this is not appropriate in many cases either.

Not RSVPing to Events
I thought it was only useful to RSVP to events if the answer is 'yes' but some PR pros say that a 'no' answer also helps because they may be holding spaces until you respond.

Getting Information Wrong
In this world where fact-checking is a rare occurrence even at top newspapers, mistakes happen. Sometimes they happen out of laziness on the writer's part. PR folks would really like it if you spelled their clients' name right, at least. 

Pay to Play
Increasingly, PR people say that bloggers are asking for money in exchange for (favorable) coverage of clients.

Lack of Feedback
In this seminar PR pros said they really hate it when writers request product samples and that's the last they hear from the writers. They need to report to their clients something, so they say it's really helpful for writers to tell them even if they don't like the product. 

PR to Writer Wish List
Here are a few things PR folks said they'd love to see from writers. I think we covered the rest in the complains above.

  • Use PR pros as a resource. Do send email asking if they have any clients doing X for upcoming stories.
  • Send updates on which publications writers are working for. This allows them to better tailor pitches (and perks) to each writer. 


So, what did we miss?  Any other peeves/wishes you have from writers? 

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