Wine and Spirits (in the Same Bottle)
Cocktail Menu: Esquire Tavern in San Antonio, Texas

Cocktail Menu: Hi Lo in San Francisco by Scott Beattie and Michael Lazar

HL01_Logo_Selected_BWFrom the owners of Hog & Rocks comes the San Francisco BBQ restaurant Hi Lo, where the drinks are also conceived and executed by Scott Beattie and Michael Lazar. 

Lazar says, “The operative concept for the whole program is to provision large refreshing beverages that complement the flavors of the food (i.e. are not competing for attention with it). Portions will be generous and served in an unpretentious manner. And I think it's important to make it clear HiLo is not a bar with food, it's a restaurant with great beverages. We'll also be providing a selection of lighter style ales and lagers. Think session beers from both local and international breweries. Over time we foresee some additions to the program: bottled cocktails (still and possibly sparking) as well as punches.” 

Here is the initial menu. Hi Lo is scheduled to open in late January. 

Adult Refreshments ($10)
Bajan Rum Punch
Rum, Housemade Falernum syrup, Lime
HiLo Buck
Bourbon, Lime, Ginger Beer, Bitters
Savory Seasonal Collins
Gin, Lemon, Pickling liquid, Tarragon, Soda
Smolderin' Mary
Vodka, Heirloom Tomato Cocktail, Smoked Pepper, Horseradish, Mustard, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon, served w/ a Kale and Beet Salt Rim and House Pickle Garnish
Tequila, Grapefruit, Lime, Agave Nectar, Soda
('19th Street Style': add float of mezcal, $1 extra)
Heirloom Tomato Cocktail, Lime, Pilsner Beer, Chipotle Salt Rim
Lager beer and Lemonade


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