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Twelve More New Cocktail Bars Opening in 2013

New Cocktail Bars Opening in 2013 on Details Daily Blog

Over at Details.com, I wrote about some hotly-anticipated cocktail bars opening in the first part of 2013.

Details new bars

They are:

  • Raven & Rose
  • Trick Dog
  • Dead Rabbit
  • Polite Provisions
  • Attaboy
  • Tiki Iniki
  • Motel
  • Three Dots and a Dash
  • Julep

Read it over at Details.com, and have a look at all the pretty pictures below that they didn't use despite making me track them all down.



  • Tiki iniki2_tn
  • Motel austin_tn
    Motel, Austin
  • Dead rabbit_tn
    Dead Rabbit, NYC
  • Trick Dog credit Allison Kate Photography_tn
    Trick Dog, SF
  • Julep_tn
    Julep, Houston
  • Three Dots and a Dash credit Anjali Pinto_tn
    Three Dots, Chicago
  • Raven and rose_tn
    Raven & Rose, PDX
  • Attaboy_tn
    Attaboy, NYC
  • Polite provisions_tn
    Polite Provisions, SD
Polite provisions_tn
Tiki Iniki, Hawaii (not the actual bar)




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