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Cocktail Menu: South at SFJazz in San Francisco

SouthlogoSouth at SF Jazz in the brand new SFJAZZ Center opens March 5th with "craft cocktails from the old south" by Bar Director Erik Adkins of Slanted Door, Wo Hing General Store, Heaven's Dog, and the forthcoming Hard Water. 

I'm excited to try the Battle of New Orleans (I love anise), Horse Thief Cocktail, and State Street Cocktail. 

Below is the menu. 

The Battle of New Orleans
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, gum syrup, with dashes of anisette, absinthe and Peychaud’s and orange bitters on a hand cut ice cube.

Tchoupitoulas Street Guzzle
El Dorado 3yr rum, lime, Blenheim hot ginger beer, Peychaud’s bitters

Horse Thief Cocktail
Hayman’s Old Tom gin, vermouth di Torino, absinthe

Pendennis Club Cocktail
Miller’s Westbourne gin, lime, apricot brandy, Peychaud’s bitters

State Street Cocktail
Beefeaters gin, fresh pressed pineapple, pineapple gum, dolin blanc vermouth, celery bitters, soda

French 75
Beefeaters gin, lemon, sparkling wine

Vieux Carre
Rittenhouse 100 rye, Germain-Robin brandy, Carpano sweet vermouth, Benedictine, Peychaud’s and Angostura bitters on a hand cut ice cube

Brandy Milk Punch
Germain-Robin brandy, Pompero rum, Straus organic milk, nutmeg

Derby Cocktail
Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, honey, cinnamon, lemon, Angostura bitters

Seelbach Cocktail
Maker’s Mark bourbon, Cointreau, sparkling wine, Peychaud’s and Angostura bitters

Wild Turkey rye, grade b organic maple, lemon, egg white

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