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Soon Everything Will Taste Like Mezcal


La times smoke
Photo: Bartholomew Cooke for LA Times Magainze
Smoke has been a big flavor trend in cocktails for seveal years, with people reaching for Islay whisky and mezcal, and blowing smoke into all sorts of mixers and even ice.


And while we've always had smoky flavors in barbecue, it seems the food folks are amping up this flavor trend as well. 

The trendiest cooking technique for restaurants these days seems to be open fire cooking, found at places like Ox in Portland and the forthcoming TBD by the folks from AQ in San Francisco. Everything cooked in those places has a touch of smoke to it. 

Smoked-maple-syrup-xlI keep noticing it in other products as well. Just in the past week I stumbled across smoked maple syrup and smoked chocolate chips

Smoke is a flavor I enjoy so I'm all for this trend, at least for now. But at this rate, smoke could beat out sriracha as to become the cupcake of 2013. 


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