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Cocktail Menu: Ziryab in San Francisco

G&Tea Cocktail Menu at Firefly in DC

This appears to be the summer of the Gin & Tonic, particularly with Spanish-style super-garnished tumblers of tonic making the rounds at several bars.


In Washington, DC, Jon Harris the restuarant Firefly has combined Spanish-style G&Ts with Japanese-style drinking of spirits with tea to come up with a G&Tea program. Pretty nifty. 

Plymouth & Earl Grey
strawberry, white chocolate, szechuan pepper

Plymouth Navy Strength & Pu’er Tuo Cha
lavender, dark chocolate, sesame, cinnamon

Bombay Sapphire & Chai
carrot, turmeric root, coriander, cumin

Tanqueray 10 & Guranse
banana, fennel pollen, green onion, parsley

Beefeater 24 & Matcha
vanilla, mint, grapefruit peel

Bols Genever & Hojicha
saffron, sultana, thyme

Hendrick’s & Bai Mu Dan
tomato leaf, ginger, green almond, dill

St. George Terroir & Lapsang Souchong
dried mango, green pepper, celery leaf


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