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Different Directions in Dessert Drinks

In the industry publication FSR Magazine (as in Full Service Restaurant) I have a story about after-dinner drinks

Finessing the Grand Finale
After-dinner drinks explore new directions

On many restaurant menus, after-dinner drinks are also an after-thought. But as the cocktail renaissance continues, bartenders are rethinking the dessert and digestif menus from the ground up. Some are pairing cocktails with desserts so that the drinks are better integrated into the overall dining experience. Others are collaborating with the artisan coffee roasters to boost the buzz. Yet others have expanded their menus to include unusual after-dinner spirits, are trying new flavors beyond whipped cream and Kahlua, and have found new ways to offer dessert drinks to diners without holding up tables.


FSR Dessert Drinks

The story includes examples and quotes from restaurant bars including:

  • Firefly in Washington, DC
  • The Storefront Company in Chicago
  • Comstock Saloon in San Francisco
  • NOPA in San Francisco
  • The Fourth in NYC
  • Raven & Rose in Portland, OR
  • Bouley in NYC

Check out the story here.


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