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November 2013

Making Cocktails with “Maximum Flavor”

Writer Kevin Liu attended the Maximum Flavor event in Richmond, VA. Here he reports on the food and drink amplified with a touch of science. Crafting "Maximum Flavor" into Food and Cocktails at Heritage Restaurant, Richmond, VA Kevin Liu likes to drink science and study cocktails. Wait, that's backward. He's the author of Craft Cocktails at Home and his writing has also appeared on Serious Eats, The SweetHome, and Popular Science. I recently had the chance to attend a special dinner put on as a collaboration between Chef Joe Sparatta of Heritage Restaurant and Alex Talbot, author of the just-released... Read more →

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Breakfast Cereal in Cocktails is as Pretty Big Thing

In my latest post for Details.com, I took a look at the multitude of ways that people are using breakfast cereal in cocktails. Initially I thought I'd only find it in a few places but I think there are more than a dozen mentioned in the story and they're located everwhere from London to Bordeaux to Miami to San Diego. Some folks are serving them up in bowls with a spoon, while others are infusing cereal into milk or directly into liquor. Check it out over at Details.com. Read more →

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The Power of the Sour

In my latest post for Popular Science, I wrote about the Sour cocktail category and how when you understand the basic format, you can make zillions of cocktails in that style. When writing the story I had a fun and interesting debate on Facebook about how one defines a sour. To some people, a sour is a drink that contains spirit, citrus, sweetener, and egg white. But that was how the sour appeared at one point in time. At another point, the sour always used lemon juice and not lime. I took the broader view, calling a Sour a cocktail... Read more →

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All About Absolut Elyx and "Sacrificial Copper"

Absolut Elyx is the newish, high-end expression of Absolut vodka. On a trip this past winter to Ahus, Sweden, where Absolut is made, we took a day to learn about Elyx. Elyx is a single-estate vodka made in Absolut's old distillery (the new one is only 5 years old), in amazing copper column stills dating to 1921. I wish I had more pictures to share but they weren't allowed on our tour. The winter wheat for Absolut Elyx is grown on an estate named Rabelof. Rabelof is located near Ahus, and everything for the vodka comes from within a 25km... Read more →

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Cocktail Menu: Third Rail in San Francisco

From the folks at Range restaurant comes Third Rail, located in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco. The bar is scheduled to open in early December. "The thriving and revitalized Dogpatch area of San Francisco welcomes Range restaurant’s newest family member — Third Rail this December. The principals consist of Jeff Lyon, former bar manager at Range, and Phil West, Range’s owner and chef. Third Rail will focus on category-driven craft cocktails, local beers both on draught and in the bottle, and regional wines on tap. The design/build team from Paxton Gate has remodeled the former Retox Lounge space into... Read more →

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With Tobacco-Flavored Liquor, You Can Smoke While You Drink

This week was the announcement that a new brand from New Zealand was hitting the market in Florida: Stolen Coffee & Cigarettes Spiced Rum. Stolen is "...infused fine Caribbean rum with natural roasted coffee beans and tobacco flavors, delivering a unique style of spiced rum." This comes on the heels of Ivanabitch vodka's two flavors: "Ivanabitch Traditional Tobacco Vodka features a bold taste of smoky vanilla blended with sweet caramel. The Menthol Tobacco Vodka features the same taste as the Traditional Tobacco Vodka with a hint of mint." One liqueur that's been on the market for a while (though I've... Read more →

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