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With Tobacco-Flavored Liquor, You Can Smoke While You Drink

Stolen_Bottle_Low_Res_SmallThis week was the announcement that a new brand from New Zealand was hitting the market in Florida: Stolen Coffee & Cigarettes Spiced Rum. 

Stolen is "...infused fine Caribbean rum with natural roasted coffee beans and tobacco flavors, delivering a unique style of spiced rum." 

Tobacco flavor VodkaMenthol_highThis comes on the heels of Ivanabitch vodka's two flavors: "Ivanabitch Traditional Tobacco Vodka features a bold taste of smoky vanilla blended with sweet caramel. The Menthol Tobacco Vodka features the same taste as the Traditional Tobacco Vodka with a hint of mint."

PeriqueimageOne liqueur that's been on the market for a while (though I've never tried it) is Perique Tobacco Liqueur.

I'm not even sure it's still made, but maybe you can find all three and have a boozy tobacco tasting party. 

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