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A Drink-Through of Alta CA's Cocktail Menu

Cocktail Mixers, Syrups, and Sodas Available on

I'm always looking for cocktail mixers on that I can order to save myself a trip to the store. I like to drink, and I'm lazy.

I also have Amazon Prime that gives me free shipping on a ton of stuff in addition to some free streaming movie content online. So I've been keeping an eye out for stuff.

Here's what I've found that I know or suspect is quality stuff, with special mention if it's available for free shipping with Amazon Prime. 

  • Q-tonic-452024_pQ Tonic  Water [Prime] [link]

  • Tomr's Tonic Syrup [Prime] [link]

  • Jack Ruby Tonic Syrup [link]

  • Bradley's Kina Tonic Syrup [link]

  • Cinchona Tree Bark [link]

  • Fever Tree Tonic and Gift Pack [Prime] [link]

  • Vya  Vermouth [link]

  • Soda Stream Carbonator Kit [link]

  • Shrub & Co. Shrubs. My favorite flavors are Ginger and Grapefruit

  • Bitters. You can find a ton on Amazon. The ones available for free Prime shipping are here and they include not just the big brands but also Scrappy's, El Guapo, Dr. Adam Elmegirab, and others.

Shrub and co lineup


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