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A Wide Range Of Amari & Cocktails In Which To Use Them in Saveur Magazine

Saveur 100 cover officialIf you hadn't heard, your host Camper English is the Contributing Drinks Editor at Saveur Magazine now. Hooray!

The current January issue is the annual Saveur 100: "Our favorite places, tools, ingredients, cookbooks, recipes, restaurants, and more."

I have two small bits in the magazine. The first is on Amari (plural of Amaro) and cocktails to use them in.


Amari online

Read the story with tasting notes here and the cocktail recipes are in slideshow format here.

For the cocktail recipes, I sourced them from:

  • Max Grecco of Vasco in Sydney, Australia
  • Renato “Tato” Giovannoni of Florerèa Atlántico in Buenos Aires
  • Jackson Cannon of Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston
  • Patrick Poelvoorde of San Francisco's Park Tavern

Thanks fellas. 


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