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Brugal Rum's Papá Andrés

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.05.36 PMPapá Andrés is a blend of rums that the Maestros Roneros make each year, different from the last. Each blend is made from three different casks: first-filled Spanish Sherry Oak Casks, Ex-Pedro Ximenez Sherry Oak Casks and First Rum filled White American Oak.

Only 36 casks of our total 250,000 cask inventory are selected to make this rum each year and 500 bottles per year are produced.

MSRP of $1,200.

Brugal Rum is the only 100% Dominican rum on the market. From the harvesting of local sugar cane to the final aging process, all elements of craftsmanship take place in and use the ingredients from the Dominican Republic. This is the way Brugal premium rums have been made since the company’s founding in 1888 by Don Andres Brugal.



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