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Potato Vodka by Woody Creek Distillers

WCD.singlebottle.JasonDeweyWoody Creek Distillers started distributing its potato vodka in New York this month. Union Beer Distributor's craft spirits division, BluePrint Brands, is joining forces with Woody Creek Distillers to develop and expand the market throughout New York State.

Woody Creek Distillers’ Woody Creek Colorado 100% Potato Vodka (MSRP: $37) is a potato-based vodka, made from just three ingredients: alpine potatoes (native Colorado Rio Grande), local mountain spring water, and yeast. After being washed and mashed on-site at the WCD distillery, the potato mash is then stripped and distilled only once to produce its 80-proof vodka.

Grown by WCD partner Pat Scanlan at his 300-acre Scanlan Family Farm in Woody Creek, Colo., near Aspen, potatoes are planted, hand-harvested, and then transported eight miles to the Woody Creek Distillery in Basalt, CO. There they are quickly processed, often on the same day, to create the distillery’s American potato vodkas.

The distillery is outfitted with custom CARL stills from Goepingen, Germany. Due to its exceptional efficiency, Woody Creek Spirits are single distilled – rectified one time only – meaning they only need one pass through the system.  Further filtration is not required.

Distillery and Tasting Room
Woody Creek Distillers Tasting Room is open Wednesday through Saturday from 4-9 p.m. Tours of the facility are offered by appointment. 

About Woody Creek Distillers
Hand-picked, hand-crafted, hand-bottled, Woody Creek Distillers (WCD) is the only craft distillery in the United States with total control over every element of vodka production from farm to bottle. WCD grows its own alpine potatoes at Scanlan Family Farm in Woody Creek, Colo., specifically for vodka production, and sources mountain spring water locally to produce its spirits. Each small batch is made at its 10,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art distillery in Basalt, Colo.

The craft distillery’s two styles of potato vodka are currently available in Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Nevada, New York City, and Oklahoma. Product may be purchased online at

For more information, visit

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