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Selvarey Rum introduces Selvarey White and Selvarey Cacao

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 11.53.18 PMHailing from the jungles of Panama, Selvarey Rum is based in Los Angeles and co-founded by brothers Marc and Seth Gold, and Robert Herzig.

Selvarey’s rums are distilled in the province of Herrera in copper column stills that date back to 1922. Master Blender Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, a 35-year veteran of Havana Club rums, the former Cuban Minister of Rum, and a resident of Panama, collaborated with Selvarey to create the recipes for both spirits, and is involved throughout the production process, from planting and harvesting the sugar cane to aging and bottling the rum.

The name, which translates loosely from Spanish to “king of the jungle” (Selva-Rey), is a nod to Fernandez carving his distillery and sugar cane fields out of the Panamanian wilderness.

Selvarey White (750ml / 40% ABV / $25.00) – Selvarey White, a blend of three- and five- year old rums, is aged in American Oak and carbon-filtered to remove most of the color without losing the flavors imbued during the aging process.

Selvarey Cacao (750ml / 35% ABV / $30.00) – In Selvarey Cacao, Fernandez selects a five-year-old rum whose character is brought out by the infusion of locally sourced chocolate. 

Selvarey Rum is distributed through Southern Wine & Spirits in California.

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