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Alcademics Alco-Haul: Liquor Arrivals at the Office 6/28/14

I'm writing a lot of stories that involve sampling, so I've been getting tons of stuff in the mail along with other new products launching. Here is the mailbag for this week. 

Alcohaul june

  • Barr Hill gin and Caledonia Spirits honey
  • Macchu Pisco
  • Strong Tonic
  • Anchor Distilling Aged Apple Brandy
  • Jim Beam Signature Craft
  • Sipsmith Gin
  • Big Gin and Big Gin Bourbon Barreled
  • anCnos Flaughter and Rutter
  • Russell's Reserver 10 Year Old Bourbon
  • Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum
  • Roca Patron Silver, Reposado, and Anejo


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