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Moscow Bars and Restaurants, Food and Drink

Last month I was in Moscow for the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition that I wrote about here and here

When we weren't watching the competition, our hosts treated us to many days and nights of food and drink. Surprisingly I didn't make it to the bars I most hear about: CitySpace, Chainaya, and Delicatessen, but I hit a lot more. Here's a brief summary. 


Across the street from our hotel was Noor Bar. It ended up being the unofficial (and official on some nights) after-party bar the whole week. 


  • Noor Bar Moscow4
  • Noor Bar Moscow3
  • Noor Bar Moscow2
Noor Bar Moscow2

One night we had dinner and drinks at Luch, a bar and restaurant with the tallest back bar I've ever seen.


  • Luch Bar Restaurant Moscow
  • Luch Bar Restaurant Moscow3
  • Luch Bar Restaurant Moscow3
Luch Bar Restaurant Moscow3


We took a daytime tour of TimeOut Rooftop Bar. It's on top of the Peking Hotel, a former hotel for KGB agents with one small elevator that holds 4 people at a time to get to the top. From there one of the leading bartenders in the Moscow scene, Aleksandr Kan, leads the program. The bar features Dutch recycled table design, whimsical wallpaper in the downstairs room, bottled cocktails (pitchers and a tea pot), and an incredible view of the city.


  • Aleksandr Kan Time Out Bar Moscow (2)
  • Time Out Bar Moscow
  • Time Out Bar Moscow6
  • Time Out Bar Moscow13 (2)
  • Time Out Bar Moscow11
  • Time Out Bar Moscow13
  • Time Out Bar Moscow2
Time Out Bar Moscow2


One night there was a crazy party at Chateau de Fantomas, a private nightclub with bottle service and circu-like antics from bartenders and hosts. While we packed hundreds of people into the space, there wasn't too much room for that. 


  • Chateau de Fantomas Moscow Club2
  • Chateau de Fantomas Moscow Club
Chateau de Fantomas Moscow Club

 We had a daytime-nighttime party at Strelka. I didn't manage to take pictures of it somehow, except for one of the outside at night and the gorgeous views from it. 


  • Strelka Club Moscow
  • Church View From Moscow Club Strelka3
Church View From Moscow Club Strelka3

And finally, we ended up at Gipsy, this gargantuan tropical-themed club nearby.



  • Gipsy Club Moscow
  • Gipsy Club Moscow2
Gipsy Club Moscow2



We had a delicious lunch at bright Bapashka. Whatever this thing is with runny eggs on top of cheese-filled bread is probably the world's best hangover food. 


  • Bapashka restaurant Moscow5
  • Bapashka restaurant Moscow
  • Bapashka restaurant Moscow4
Bapashka restaurant Moscow4


 We had another lunch at Christian, a restaurant owned by the same group. 


  • BXOD Christian Restaurant Moscow2
  • BXOD Christian Restaurant Moscow4
  • BXOD Christian Restaurant Moscow3
BXOD Christian Restaurant Moscow3


One day we were in a very fancy grocery store in a very fancy mall near Red Square. They had 1938 armagnac just out on the shelf.

Armagnac in Moscow Mall

Cafe Pushkin is a 24-hour restaurant with an ornate, old-looking French design but with traditional Russian fare. Weird but awesome. I had a Moscow Mule there, because I was in Moscow. 


  • Cafe Pushkin Moscow Restaurant4
  • Cafe Pushkin Moscow Restaurant2
  • Camper at Cafe Pushkin Moscow Mule
Camper at Cafe Pushkin Moscow Mule



Crapdogs Moscow

We had another lunch with a view at the Apapat Hotel Conservatory Rooftop Bar. We felt very ladies who lunch there.


  • Apapat Hotel Conservatory Rooftop Bar3
  • Apapat Hotel Conservatory Rooftop Bar4
  • Apapat Hotel Conservatory Rooftop Bar
Apapat Hotel Conservatory Rooftop Bar


And we also had one late-nite meal at Starlite Diner, an "American" diner offering such American foods as Texas Nachos, Cheeseburger Chimichongas, Skinny Hipster Burger, and Philly Cheesesteak Wrap. Hilarious. 


  • Starlite Diner Moscow
  • Starlite Diner Moscow Hipster Burger
Starlite Diner Moscow Hipster Burger




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