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New Booze: Four Roses 2014 Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon

New Booze: 2014 Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon from Four Roses


Master Distiller Jim Rutledge selected this year’s Limited Edition Single Barrel from 11-year-old OESF barrels, one of the distillery’s 10 bourbon recipes.

The bourbon is barrel strength—uncut and non-chill filtered—with a proof ranging between 108.3 and 127.6. 

Four Roses’ makes 10 unique and distinct bourbons, mingling them in different ways to create Four Roses Small Batch and Four Roses Yellow Label products. One of these bourbons is selected to become Four Roses Single Barrel.

Four Roses will produce and distribute approximately 5,000 bottles of the 2014 Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon for a suggested retail price of $99, and will be available on retail shelves across the country in mid-June.

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