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New Booze: Whipnose Whiskey from Seven Stills

Seven Stills Partners Whipnose Whiskey

Whipnose Front SmallWhipnose Whiskey, launching in May 2014, is the first in Seven Stills collaboration series. Tim Obert and Clint Potter, founders of Seven Stills, started with three of Pacific Brewing Laboratories beers, but were most impressed with the results from the Whipnose Double IPA. 

It was double distilled on a 500 gallon Vendome copper pot still then aged for six months in 5 gal new charred oak barrels from Black Swan Cooperage.

Hops were only used during the hop boil and dry hoping of the wash. They did not use a gin basket or dry hop the finished whiskey.

Products are currently distributed in San Francisco. Whipnose sells for a SRP of $39.99 per 750ml bottle. 



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