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Rye Cocktails and Advanced Barrel Aging in Whisky Advocate

10402510_10152179316044150_1091080248043956648_nIn the Summer 2014 issue of Whisky Advocate magazine I have two articles.

This is a rye-themed issue and it's pretty great, so you should probably just get a subscription or run out to a retail store that carries it. They don't typically put anything from the print magazine online so that's the only way to read these. 

Advanced-Level Barrel Aging - Of Cocktails

Bartenders are doing some amazing things with barrel aging. In the story I cite new/cool/innovated techniques from:

  • Tradition in San Francisco
  • Bergerac in San Francisco
  • Jamie Jones of Manchester
  • The Barking Dog in Copenhagen
  • Bon Vivant in Edinburgh
  • Manhattan Bar at The Regent, Singapore
  • Jack Rose Dining Saloon in DC
  • Liberty in Seattle
  • Pint + Jigger in Honolulu
  • Pomodoro in Boston
  • Half Step in Austin
  • Citizen Public House in Scottsdale
  • Ryan Chetiyawardana of White Lyan

Phew, that was a lot of bars to include in a one-page article. 

Malt Advocate Barrel Aging

The Rituals of Rye

Now that rye whiskey is back, what do you do with it? This story has a lot of new cocktails (like, a lot of cocktails), but I think the really interesting part is about which classic cocktails demand rye versus bourbon. 

It includes recipes and/or quotes from:

  • Nathan Burdette of  Los Angeles

  • Jonathan Smolensky of Canada

  • Vincent Toscano of Rye in San Francisco

  • Brad Peters of Hock Farm Craft & Provisions in Sacramento

  • Enzo Errico of Milk & Honey, New York City

  • Audrey Saunders of Pegu Club, New York City

  • Brian MacGregor of Wingtip, San Francisco

  • Chris Neustadt of Jimmy at the James Hotel in Chicago

  • Brian Means of Fifth Floor Restaurant, San Francisco

  • Anthony DeSerio of Splash restaurant in Guilford, Connecticut

  • Ted Kilgore of St. Louis

  • Andrew Freidman, Liberty, Seattle

  • Molly Wellmann of Japp's in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Michael Callahan, Bartender-At-Large in Singapore

  • Abigail Gullo of SoBou in New Orleans

  • Tamir Benshalom, Bull Valley Roadhouse in Port Costa, California

  • Geof Anderson of Annunciation Restaurant in New Orleans

  • Ray’s and Starck Bar in Los Angeles

  • The Passenger in DCAudio Discotech in California

  • Elixir in San Francisco

  • Barrel in Washington DC

Rye Cocktails Malt Advocate

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