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anCnoc Highland Single Malt releases a Peaty Collection

AnC Peaty Flaughter_BothOver a century ago, the Scottish Knockdhu Distillery began producing whisky that carried a strong peaty flavor imparted from the turf on which the distillery was built. Using history as a base of exploration, anCnoc (pronounced a-NOCK), a single malt produced by the distillery, is releasing a Limited Edition Peaty Collection that explores the bolder, smokier aspect of their classic Highland flavor in three different expressions.

The first two expressions of the collection focus on phenol, a chemical component that impacts the smoky flavor. Traditionally, the more peated the barley, the higher the phenol levels in the spirit, and the smokier the whisky will taste.

The new range displays its PPM (parts per million) level on the bottle. The first two expressions, Rutter and Flaughter are named after traditional peat-cutting tools. A third expression will be released later this year.

anCnoc Rutter, the first release of the Limited Edition Peaty Collection is named for the spade used in sizing and separating peat blocks. Peated to a PPM of 11, the whisky is said to be initially very smoky. 46% ABV

anCnoc Flaughter (pronounced FLAH-ter) is named for the spade used to remove the top layer of peat. Peated to a PPM of 14.8, the whisky is said to have a heftier, ashier flavor. 46% ABV

anCnoc Rutter and anCnoc Flaughter are available nationally but limited, at a suggested retail price of $85. For more information, visit

About anCnoc Single Malt Scotch Whisky

anCnoc (pronounced a-NOCK) is a single malt Scotch whisky created using a traditional process that has changed very little over time. anCnoc is Gaelic for the nearby Knock Hill, and its home distillery is Knockdhu, which means “black hill” in Gaelic. Located on the very edge of Speyside, the Knock estate sits on land rich in peat. The single malt is created using traditional production methods.

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