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Trick Dog's New Top Secret Menu

Trick Dog in San Francisco is known for their clever cocktail menus launched twice each year. They've provided me with a first look at nearly all of them. Past menus have been:

Pantone, January 2013
Vinyl, July 2013
Zodiac, January 2014
Tourist Map, July 2014
Chinese Menu, January 2015
Dog Calendar, July 2015

Now for the bar's three-year anniversary, they've launched their new Top Secret menu. 

The menu is a dossier folder of mysteries including crop circles, bigfoot, and chemtrails, with much redacted information crossed out. 

IMG_2390 (1)

Trick dog sas

The new drinks are:

Bigfoot: Calle 23 blanco tequila, Benedictine, tamarind, lemongrass, cardamom, lemon, East Imperial Ginger Ale;

Chemtrails: Old Grand-Dad Bonded bourbon, grapefruit, caramel corn, lemon juice;

Loch Ness "Monster": Denizen rum, Smith & Cross rum, Bushmill's Black Bush Irish whiskey, Hidalgo cream sherry, Mandarine Napoleon, lemon curd, PG Tips tea, Bird brand custard, lemon;

Chupacabra: Tapatio Blanco tequila, Bonal Quina, carrot, lime, turmeric, whey, root beer;

Reptilian Elite: Bombay Dry gin, Noilly Prat dry vermouth, pineapple, simcoe hops, lime, cocoa nib;

Grassy Knoll: Bacardi 8 rum, Black Grouse blended Scotch, jerk spice, lime, coconut water;

Area 51: Absolut vodka, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, green apple, lime, egg white;

Moon "Landing": Rutte Celery gin, mango falermouth, sparkling wine;

Elvis Sighting: Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, bananas foster liqueur, Temps Fugit creme de menthe, Angostura bitters;

Crop Circle: Akashi Japanese whisky, barley water, ginger, reishi mushrooms;

Biggie and Tupac: Tequila Ocho reposado, Hidalgo Amontillado sherry, Maurin Blanc vermouth, jasmine & sage tea, honey, meyer lemon;

Illuminati: Bulleit Rye, Lo Fi dry vermouth, Gran Classico, Smoked grapefruit bitters;

Code Name: Pina Colada: Don Q Gold, Skipper, and Smith and Cross rums, coconut cream, Sencha green tea, brown sugar, pineapple, absinthe, lime.


I can't wait to get in there and try them all. The menu launches January 8, 2016 at 3PM.



They've also produced a fun video preview starring Bigfoot, which you can see on their Facebook page here


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