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Flavored Tonic Waters Trending in Europe

Last week at Bar Convent Berlin, I took extra notice of all the tonic water brands. I haven't attended this bar show in a couple years, but they've always had a lot of specialty tonic waters compared to what's available on the US market. This year there were even more.


As for quality brands that are in the US market, we have Fever Tree, Q Tonic, Fentiman's and more recently East Imperial. Q doesn't offer any flavor offshoots yet. Fever Tree has Mediterranean, Light, and Elderflower. East Imperial has yuzu, Burma, and grapefruit (not sure if in all markets yet). 

In the UK, a big brand I don't think we have in the US yet is Thomas Henry, and they now have elderflower and cherry blossom tonic. 

At BCB this year I saw some new (to me) brands also with flavors:

  • J. Gasco (a low-cal version, an extra dry version, plus some other bitter sodas).
  • Original by Magnifique Brands (classic, zero calorie, berries, yuzu, cherry, mint, and citrus).
  • Double Dutch (premium, diet, cucumber + watermelon, pomegranate + basil).

Hopefully we'll see some of these interesting new expressions hit US shores soon. 


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