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Disgusting bartenders think alike! I received two PR emails about cocktails with turkey broth this week, so here they are.

(I think these are more funny than gross, for the record- just being sassy.)

The press releases are below, slightly edited. 


Holiday Dinner Cocktail at Dos Urban Cantina in Chicago

Chicago’s Dos Urban Cantina has mixed together Thanksgiving leftovers to create a cocktail that rivals grandma’s turkey dinner. Dos’s Bar Manager Larry Rice (Louisville’s El Camino, Silver Dollar) has created the "Holiday Dinner Cocktail”.

This seasonal drink is a unique take on a Martini that puts Thanksgiving leftovers to good use. Rice mixes together Plymouth Gin infused with thyme and saffron, Cocchi Americano, house-made turkey broth syrup, Weatherby’s Orange Saffron Bitters and Scrappy's Celery Bitters. It is then garnished with thyme, saffron and a crouton to finish off this savory creation that may want to make you skip the meal and go straight to the drinks this year.



Holiday Dinner

2oz Plymouth gin infused with thyme and saffron
1⁄2 oz Cocchi Americano (an aperitif using gentian as the bitter agent)
Shy 1⁄4 oz turkey broth syrup
4 drops of Weatherby’s orange saffron bitters
Scrappy celery bitters
Add all ingredients except the celery bitters to mixing glass with ice. Stir to approximately 60% dilution. Rinse coupe glass with celery bitters. Serve up with a thyme, saffron and crouton garnish. A savory play off of the classic gin martini meant to remind the drinker of thanksgiving dinner with the family. 

Jive Turkey at Sweet Chick in NYC

Sweet Chick’s Jive Turkey is a cocktail made with turkey broth, gin, maple syrup, sage lime, hot sauce and salt & pepper. A riff on the classic Bull Shot—a Mad Men-era cocktail—the Jive Turkey substitutes turkey broth for beef broth so that it truly savors with Thanksgiving flavor. The cocktail is also garnished with a potato croquette in case it leaves you jiving for some pre-dinner nosh.

Locations: Lower East Side, NYC and Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Cocktail Name: Jive Turkey
Ingredients: Turkey broth, gin, maple syrup, sage lime, hot sauce and salt & pepper – cranberry and potato croquette garnish

Jive Turkey Cocktail Recipe
2oz gin
.5oz maple
0.5oz turkey stock
3 muddled sage leaves
3 muddled lime wheels
1 dash hot sauce

Shake all ingredients together and pour into rocks glass. Garnish with salt and pepper to taste.


Jive Turkey Cocktail


Embrace the absurd.




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