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January 2017

Water Chemistry at Deanston, Bunnahabhain, and Toberymory Distilleries

Several years ago I visited the Deanston and Bunnahabhain scotch whisky distilleries. Click on those words to read about the visits. At the time I was there I was really obsessed with the effects of water in distilled spirits (not that I'm over it), so I followed up with some super specific questions about the pH and TDS of the water sources. I never ended up putting up a blog post about it but now it's about time. Note that the Highland and Islay distilleries have slightly basic water (above 7.0), while the Island of Mull distillery water is slightly... Read more →

Plum Crazy: Sloe Gin As a Broader Category

Sloe Gin, traditionally, is sloes steeped in gin with sugar to produce a tart, berry-like winter gin, often sipped as a digestif. Sloes are small stone fruits related to the plum. While in the UK it's a homemade tradition that peoples' grandmothers are familiar with, in the 1970s and 80s commercial products (mostly used in the Sloe Gin Fizz) were just neutral alcohol with coloring and flavoring. Plymouth was the first brand I knew of to bring back a real infusion of sloes. 26% ABV. Since then, some other interesting new variations have hit the market. Greenhook Ginsmiths has a... Read more →