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That Time I was a Resident Ice-Pert

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 7.27.25 PMLast week in New York, I was the "resident ice-pert" for the Hennessy Le Grand Voyage. The experience was a walk-through super-Instagrammable introduction to the production of the cognac. 

There was a rain room representing the vineyards, a color-changing still room, an aromatic barrel room, and an interstellar sort of tasting room, all before one arrived in the lounge where I was stationed on press preview day. 

It was pretty cool. Here is a story about it from The Latin Times, and here is the press release on PR Newswire



And here is another awesome picture of me. 

Camper Hennessy Photo by Dave Kotinsky:Getty Images for Hennessy
Photo by Dave Kotinsky:Getty Images for Hennessy
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