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Drinking Boston by Stephanie Schorow: Book Review

I've mentioned the book Drinking Boston by Stephanie Schorow here on Alcademics twice already, so clearly I've found it useful: Once when I was researching When did Grenadine Become an Artificial Ingredient? Once when I was looking at the Ward Eight cocktail. But I haven't given the book a proper write-up yet, so here's this. The book is a history of drinking in Boston, from the earliest days of the tavern culture in th 1600s right up through today's cocktail renaissance. The first 70 or so pages take us through the taverns of Boston and their crucial role in the... Read more →

Twelve More New Cocktail Bars Opening in 2013

In my recent story for, I listed a bunch of new bars opening in 2013. But there were a lot more I couldn't include for one reason or another. So here are more bars we're looking forward to this year: The Regent Cocktail Club in South Beach, Miami - With John Lermayer heading up the cocktail program. The Alder by Wylie Dufresne in New York - Some info here. South on Main in Little Rock, Arkansas - Chef Matt Bell and mixlogist Dave Burnette, in partnership with the Oxford American. Handle Bar in Berkeley - from the owner of... Read more →

Glossy Booze: Late July Edition

Glossy Booze is a regular Alcademics feature in which I talk about the alcohol coverage in magazines. Gourmet (July) has a ton of liquor content this month: an essay on cocktail parties, a Negroni recipe, a brief mention of big ice, a recipe for Fresh Tomato Bloody Marys in a brunch story, Fresh Mint Juleps in an American party story, a Black and Tan recipe in an afternoon meal story, and several recipes for cocktail-flavored ice pops. (More ice pop recipes here.) Saveur (July) has six drink recipes on one page: Book Club Sangria, Kentucky Club Margarita, Michelada, Longhorn Bull... Read more →

Borscht: The New Vinegar?

What will take vinegar's place as the freaky new cocktail ingredient to sweep the nation? It could be beets. A couple of years ago I had my first beet drink, at Mint and 820, the Portland, OR bars where Lucy Brennan rules the roost. Soon thereafter, Brennan's book Hip Sips came out with the recipe. The drink is merely beet-infused vodka with lemon-lime fresh sour mix. It's delicious. That was the only beet drink I'd seen until a few months ago. In October, Double Cross Vodka was promoting a set of drinks including the Borscht Martini. It is merely muddled... Read more →

Busting out in Boston reports on Barbara Lynch of No. 9 Park's new venue Drink. The story has a few details that don't seem to align- classic drinks, 1950's food, molecular gastronomy, cocktail party vibe, vintage glassware, Funyuns- but all of the elements sound fun. Except I think she's saying there will be no cocktail menus. That could incite panic and inspire poor choices. I lived in Boston for 7 years (ending 12 years ago) and don't get back there very often, but the number of great venues and great bartenders I keep hearing about is likely to inspire a longer visit next... Read more →