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G&Tea Cocktail Menu at Firefly in DC

This appears to be the summer of the Gin & Tonic, particularly with Spanish-style super-garnished tumblers of tonic making the rounds at several bars. In Washington, DC, Jon Harris the restuarant Firefly has combined Spanish-style G&Ts with Japanese-style drinking of spirits with tea to come up with a G&Tea program. Pretty nifty. Plymouth & Earl Grey strawberry, white chocolate, szechuan pepper Plymouth Navy Strength & Pu’er Tuo Cha lavender, dark chocolate, sesame, cinnamon Bombay Sapphire & Chai carrot, turmeric root, coriander, cumin Tanqueray 10 & Guranse banana, fennel pollen, green onion, parsley Beefeater 24 & Matcha vanilla, mint, grapefruit peel... Read more →

Cocktail Menu: BarMini by Jose Andres

Jose Andres, most notable in my world for The Bazaar by Jose Andres with its liquid nitrogen caipirinhas, has opened a new cocktail den in Washington, DC, fronted by Juan Coronado. The space is an extension of MiniBar next door. The cocktail program at barmini will be spearheaded by ThinkFoodGroup’s Cocktail Innovator, Juan Coronado, in collaboration with Research & Development Director, Ruben Garcia. Juan has worked closely with José and his chefs to craft a seasonally rotating cocktail list, classified by spirit, that’s as extensive (100 cocktails total) and thoughtful as the menu at minibar. Contemporary approaches and techniques, such... Read more →

Cool Factor: Cocktail Coolers in the LA Times Magazine

For my latest feature in the LA Times Magazine, I asked bartenders from warm-weather cities to share their recipes for cool cocktails. The bartenders are Larry Rice from Louisville, Bobby Heugel from Houston, Erik Simpkins from Atlanta, Todd Thrasher from Alexandria, Anthony Schmidt from San Diego, Rhiannon Enlil from New Orleans, and Michael Shearin from Los Angeles. (Photography by Bartholomew Cooke for LA Times Magazine) Cool Factor The Dog Days Just Howl for Long, Tall, Cold Libations By Camper English Different times of the day, changing atmospheric conditions and succeeding meal courses all call for a specific type of cocktail.... Read more →

Copying the Captain

In the Wall Street Journal this weekend, Eric Felten has a story on Captain Morgan and other spiced rums. He lists a recipe for an imitation spiced rum from our own Martin Cate of Forbidden Island, plus a drink recipe in which to mix it. Coincidentally, on Friday I was talking to Todd Thrasher of the speakeasy bar PX in Alexandria, Virginia. Thrasher told me that his guilty pleasure is Captain Morgan's. But he being the DIY king of cocktails, he not only makes his own spiced rum for the bar, he makes an imitation Coke with which to mix... Read more →

Gifts from the Internet

Here are some things I liked reading. The Washington post has a rare story on bars in DC- rare in that it reveals the profits of each bar. Most people who collect wine probably have more than four bottles if they need a separate wine refrigerator, but you'd be pretty much the coolest cocktailian on the block if you used this under-cabinet wine cooler to store four separate types of vermouth. The Boston Globe takes on one of the great questions of our times: is it a beer cozy or a beer koozie? And here's a handy home craft for... Read more →