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The Complicated Aging Process for Cognac, as Seen at Cognac Hardy

In 2014 I visited several cognac houses, and had the pleasure to spend several hours with Benedicte Hardy of Cognac Hardy in their aging and blending facilities. We got really nerdy with specifics on aging cognac. But first, some background. Hardy specializes in luxury cognacs, and in general is blended in an "approachable" and "feminine" style. It's a very large operation, with 20,000 barrels aging at their warehouses valued at more than 50 million dollars worth of booze. It was Benedicte's father who made the company famous in recent years putting the emphasis on luxury. She herself has a law... Read more →

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A Visit to La Caravedo, Home of Pisco Porton, in Ica, Peru

Hacienda La Caravedo is the oldest working distillery in the Americas and the place where they make Pisco Porton. It's located in Ica, Peru, about a four hour drive south of Lima. I visited in the spring of 2014. The distillery dates to 1684. Below is a picture of the document establishing the distillery. The grounds hold the distillery, vineyards, and this huge house, which is newly-constructed. You might recognize it from the bottle label. The house belongs to the owners of the brand. They were preparing for Easter when I visited so I didn't get to peep inside. The... Read more →

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