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Curing Olives at Home, Part II

This post is a continuation of this one on how to brine olives at home. My olives went from this: To this: To see the process, keep reading by selecting the link below. As you may recall from the earlier post, I was late on buying olives so the ones I ended up with were really small and a lot of them were bruised. I used the salt-and-water method to brine them, as opposed to lye. Using Karen Solomon's book I slit the olives, made brine, and covered the olives with a heavy plate to weigh them down. I checked... Read more →

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Does Distilled Water Freeze Clearer than Tap Water?

In my last set of icesperiments, I froze, melted, and refroze (tap) water to see if it became clearer on successive refreezings. It did not. This time I compared tap water with distilled water to see if one would freeze more clearly than the other. I froze it, then melted and refroze it four more times. Though neither froze super clear, there were differences: The tap water seems to freeze either clear or not clear, where the distilled water freezes in more of a bubble starburst. But in the end I'd say there's not enough of a difference to matter.... Read more →

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Does Refreezing Ice Make it Clearer?

I am trying a series of experiments to find the best and most practical way to make clear ice in my home freezer. Future experiments include distilled vs. tap water, boiled vs. not boiled, hot vs. cold water, different shapes of containers, etc. For this experiment, I started with plain tap water. I then froze it, took a picture, let it thaw back into liquid, and repeated the process. The test was to see if freezing and refreezing tap water would make it become clearer on successive freezings (due to the release of oxygen trapped in the ice) each time.... Read more →

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