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Glasgow Bars: Blythswood Square

The last time I was in Glasgow Scotland, actually just a month ago, I hit all the cocktail bars I meant to except one. I returned to Glasgow on another scotch trip last week (I know!), this time with Isle of Jura and The Dalmore, and luckily I got a second chance. The bar is at the Blythswood Square Hotel and I think was previously a Royal Air Force club of some sorts. The bar program is directed by Head Bartender Mal Spence. Spence was previously in Edinburgh and hired his own staff locally and from Edinburgh to work here.... Read more →

Blending Scotch Whisky at Morrison Bowmore

After my visit to the Bowmore and Auchentoshan distilleries, our group stopped by the headquarters of their parent company, Morrison Bowmore. (This company is in turned owned by Suntory, and is distributed in the United States by Skyy Spirits.) There we met with Senior Blender Iain McCallum, who is sort of a legend even though he’s less than 40 years old. He's engaging, fast, fun, and smart as heck. If given the opportunity to attend an event he hosts, I highly recommend it. (If given the opportunity to go out drinking with him afterward, I recommend that too even though... Read more →

An Auchentoshan Distillery Visit

On the last day of my trip to Scotland with Bowmore, we went to another distillery, Auchentoshan. This distillery is located just outside of Glasgow, on a former estate. Auchentoshan is in the Lowland region of Scotland, one of just five single-malt-producing distilleries there. It’s also unique as the only scotch distillery that triple distills all of its whisky. This gives it a lighter flavor profile than most single malts, and a thinner body/mouthfeel. This makes it both an entry-level whisky for drinkers new to the category, and one that can be easily mixed into cocktails. Scotch whisky distilleries usually... Read more →

Glasgow Bars: The Blue Dog

The Blue Dog, as three different people told me, is "the place where everyone ends up," as it's open until three in the morning. I got there a little before 1AM on Saturday night and it was jammed. The long bar had five or six bartenders working at the same time. The cocktail menu didn't look terribly appealing to me with the exception of a couple drinks. After a short and understandable wait, I ordered a Spruce Moose, which calls for Rittenhouse rye, calvados, maple syrup, and orange bitters. Despite the crowd, the bartender took his time and made it... Read more →

Glasgow Bars: The Blind Pig

The Blind Pig is a speakeasy-themed bar in Glasgow that I visited on a recent Saturday night while in town for a Bowmore/Auchentoshan press trip. The venue is split into a restaurant and bar area. The bar was absolutely packed but I managed to squeeze my way up close to watch the action. The shakers were all metal (Alessi, I think) and they use those brushed aluminum jiggers to measure. The bartender had the old-time (white shirt and suspenders) look of American bars, but without the ironic mustache. The cocktail menu that doesn't appear to be online consists of mostly... Read more →

Glasgow Bars: The Booly Mardy's

On a trip to Glasgow on the way to the Bowmore distillery, I took a bar tour through Glasgow and stopped in to several places. Booly Mardy's was originally going to be named Bloody Mary's but someone else beat them to the punch. It's a small bar with plenty of table seating, though on the Saturday night I visited all of the tables were occupied and it was standing-room-only. Of the places I visited in Glasgow, this one had the least hip crowd of what looked to be after-work types (this makes no sense as it was a Saturday at... Read more →

Glasgow Bars: The Ivy

While every bar I visited in Glasgow was packed on Saturday night, The Ivy looked like the place to be. The DJ was playing some excellent abstract dance music, the crowd was a mix of casual and clubby 20- and 30-somethings, and all seemed to be having a great time. I came for the cocktails, of course. The menu lists a selection of mostly rum drinks, so I went right for the "Not Rum" section of the menu (nothing against rum, it's just sometimes you find interesting stuff in the margins.) And I did! They were out of the ingredients... Read more →

Glasgow Bars: Lebowski's

Hi! I'm in Glasgow for a trip with Bowmore and Auchentoshan. I arrived a night early to see what this town was all about. My first stop was Lebowski's. You would expect a bar named for the movie The Big Lebowski to be tacky and over the top, but this just wasn't the case here beyond the cocktail menu. The small bar offers up a fair amount of seating, all of which was taken on the night I came in, and a little bit of room to stand at the bar. I didn't see any posters of The Dude or... Read more →