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Allergy Labelling Approaches on Cocktail Bar Menus in the US and Abroad

We looked at labelling for nuts, seafood, soy, gluten, vegan/vegetarian, how these are listed on various menus or handled only in person, and look at a few unusual things that need to be labelled in UK bars.  Bars I spoke to include Trick Dog, the Proper Hotel, and the Tonga Room in San Francisco, Bar Clacson in LA, Bresca in DC, Saint Ellie in Denver, Bar Fiori in NYC, The Aviary in Chicago and New York, and The Hide Bar in London.  Read more →

Trying Two Hangover Helpers

I advocate and try to practice drinking in moderation as the best way to avoid a hangover. That's why I nearly never write about hangover prevention/cures. Recently though I had two hangover prevention products arrive in the mail. Normally they'd just sit there but I was going on a bar-hopping vacation to New Orleans where I knew these might actually come in handy. So I brought them along for the test. First I tried Rebootizer, which is a "detox shaker" with tons of anti-oxidant ingredients. It is a water pouch with a separate compartment for a powder. You squeeze the... Read more →

GMO-Free Liquor? Not As Far As You Know

So the TTB released the little bombshell below. Basically, you can't put "GMO-free" or something similar on an alcoholic beverage label, even if the product is. For the most part if you're drinking anything made from corn in the US (all bourbon, some vodkas) you're drinking genetically modified corn. Spirits from other crops too. In many (most? all?) export markets, however, you can't use this. Thus many (all?) bourbons make a GMO-free version for export. Because most of Four Roses bourbon is sold in Japan, however, their product is GMO-free, even in the US. However, distiller Jim Rutledge said he... Read more →

The Safety of Milk Thistle

A few months ago, founder Mike McAdams of Drinkwel reached out to me. This product is meant to be a vitamin for drinkers rather than just a hangover cure. I told them that I was unsure about one of the ingredients in the mixture, milk thistle, as I'd heard reports that rather than being good for the liver it may actually cause harm. This caused a conversation that I thought I'd share. McAdams replied: It's also funny you mention milk thistle because that was really our only ingredient that had an interaction paper on it. I've taken it on and... Read more →