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Obligatory St. Patrick's Day Round-Up

This St. Patrick's day, instead of [overused green beer reference], try something different! Avoid the crowds of [condemnation of college student behavior] and instead enjoy [statement of superiority even though you're participating in the same Hallmark Holiday of drinking]! Here are places to enjoy [stereotypical Irish drink] but served in new ways! Guinness float at St. Francis Fountain. It's a vanilla ice cream float with Guinness instead of root beer. The Black Friar's Pint at The Fifth Floor Restaurant. This crazy cocktail developed by Jacques Bezuidenhout contains Guinness spiced with cardamom, Plymouth gin, Lustau East India Sherry, bitters, and egg... Read more →


Agave syrup backlash! links to some stories on agave syrup and how it might not be so good for you. But at least one of those stories is not so scientific. Arguing that the syrup is not a raw food but often labeled as raw syrup (a point he's totally right on- no disagreement there) he argues about all the terrible health problems that it might cause. I would have believed much of it, except for this: "Agave Syrup was originally used to make tequila. When Agave Syrup ferments, it literally turns into tequila. The enzymatic activity therefore MUST... Read more →

Glossy Booze: mid-September edition

It's time for the monthly-or-so round-up of booze stories in glossy magazines. In Tasting Panel, an industry magazine to which I'm a regular contributor, I have three stories in the September issue: One on Tales of the Cocktail, a quick blurb on Appleton and Kobrand, and a story on savory cocktails with quotes from Jackie Patterson formerly of Orson in San Francisco, and Stephen Kowalczuk of Room at Twelve in Atlanta. Bon Appetit (October) has a recipe for the Moscow Mule and a round-up of ten wine bars. There is also a largeish feature on blended whiskies that I don't... Read more →

Glossy Booze: early September edition

Glossy Booze is a round-up of liquor stories in magazines sent to my house. Here's what's new in September issues: In Men's Vogue, Jay McInerney (yep, him) has a big story on "Billionaire Winos," about multi-million dollar wine collections and auctions. Also, about how much he drank with said winos and how much everything cost. Conde Nast Traveler notes that the most expensive drink in Vegas is the Menage a Trois at Wynn's club Tryst, which is a mix of Hennessy Ellipse cognac, Cristal rose champagne, and Grand Marnier with a 24-karat gold diamond-studded straw for $3,000. Something tells me... Read more →