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Random Notes on LA Cocktails from Bartenders who Work There

During Hawaii Cocktail Week, I attended a seminar called LA Confidential, held at Thirtyninehotel. Panelists were Julian Cox, Paul Sanguinetti & Cherish Mumme, all of Los Angeles. The talk was meant to illuminate trends and techniques popular in Los Angeles today. Here are a few notes I took. LA has more molecular cocktail programs - and more people accepting of them- than other cities. Examples include The Bazaar by Jose Andres and Ink by Michael Voltaggio. A good place to buy molecular mixology/gastronomy supplies is Modernist Pantry. Using goofy names for cocktails makes them less intimidating to guests. Julian Cox... Read more →

Cocktail Menu: The Churchill in Los Angeles

Mia Sarazen has taken over the cocktail program at The Churchill in Los Angeles. Her introductory menu launched last week. “The Grand Alliance” : Plymouth Gin, Carpano, Campari, Maraschino “Hyde Park Fizz" : Nolet's gin, Bonal Quina, honey, lime, cucumber, basil, soda “Thirsty in LA” : Correlejo Reposado, Aperol, Ciociaro Amaro, mezcal rinse “The Iron Mule” : Russian Standard, ginger, lime, soda, bitters “Norman’s Cable Car” : Sailor Jerry Rum, housemade curacao, lemon, cinnamon&sugar rim “The Churchill Old Fashioned” : Old Fitzgerald bourbon, house bitters, sugar “The Statesman" : Famous Grouse, apricot, lemon, baked apple bitters, sparkling “Baby’s First Bourbon”... Read more →

Cocktail Menu: Summer Drinks at 1886 in Los Angeles

Though I haven't had the pleasure of drinking there myself, I love seeing each season's cocktail menu at 1886 at The Raymond in Los Angeles. I see: bottled cocktails, a rum-gin shrub drink, genever-basil collins, Battavia Arrack. See below for the menu. Summer Cocktail Menu 2012 Regional: Pimm’s “No. 6” with Vodka by the 1886 family Karlsson’s Gold Vodka and our Summer Pimm’s recipe topped with homemade sparkling lemonade. This bright spritzer rounds out our 1886 classic Pimm’s collection. Southern Belle Whistle by Greg Gertmenian & Pastry Chef, Jeff Haines This hand-crafted soda pop evokes memories of hot summers in... Read more →

Cocktail Menu: Spring Drinks at 1886 in Los Angeles

I love the way this cocktail menu is written. It shows how the program is a collaborative effort by naming the bartender who has created each cocktail, and it names all the ingredients while describing the flavor of the drink in just a sentence. And the flight of Caprice cocktails made fresh, aged 4 months, and one year? Brilliant. Well done, Marcos Tello and team. 1886 is the bar at The Raymond restaurant in Pasadena. Photo by acuna-hansen 1886 Spring Cocktails 2012 Regional MacArthur Park Swizzle In honor of Brian Miller’s Tiki Night at Lani Kai in NYC, Marcos Tello... Read more →

Cocktail Menu: Winter Drinks at 1886 in Los Angeles

There are so many great-looking winter cocktail menus coming out it's hard to keep up. 1886 is the bar at The Raymond restaurant in Pasadena has some wild and delicious concoctions for winter. (Image courtesy of 1886) I see: edible cigarette, house-made mulled vermouth, a beer flip, and pistachio orgeat. Yums. The menu is below 1886 Winter Cocktail Menu ByMarcos Tello & 1886 Bar Team SEASONAL Con Abuelita A palate pleasing deconstruction of traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate – Just like grandma (abuelita) used to make. Served Hot...Thanks Jeff! Ancho-Chile infused Reposado Tequila, 1886 Hot Chocolate Mix, & Ancho-Chile Marshmallow Grog... Read more →