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Find Me in the Penthouse

Penthouse magazine, that is. I have a story in the April issue about my trip to Warsaw and the ancient forest with ZU vodka, the bison grass vodka known throughout the world as Zubrowka. But I'm also in Penthouse as a model, again! Of course you'll recognize my hand, sexily caressing that piece of bison grass. Damn I look good. Always. But if you don't have a subscription to the magazine you can read my write up here on Alcademics. Read more →

Big Changes at Class Magazine/

I love to read and am happy to contribute to CLASS Magazine and They just announced a big lump of changes that will make it even more unique. The print magazine will now be given out for free at many bars. Paid subscribers are going to get a single-spirit coffee table book (!!) quarterly along with the magazine. And there will be a new industry-only section of the website. Full details are below. We thought people might stop subscribing to the paper magazine and we'd go totally digital, but we're selling more subscriptions to our print edition than ever.... Read more →

Items of Interest in The Tasting Panel Magazine

I learned lots of stuff in the August issue of the Tasting Panel Magazine. I write for this magazine but didn't have a story in the current issue. Anyway: Isle of Jura has a 200th Anniversary Edition, a 21 year old single malt aged in an ex-sherry cask. The Don Julio Anejo Claro that someone gave me a sip of at Tales is a real thing. For the 70th anniversary of the Don Julio being in the tequila business, they are releasing an anejo tequila that is filtere to make it clear, which supposedly will "bring back the bold agave... Read more →

Bar Eras in San Francisco and Beyond

I have a great-looking four-page story in the August Eat + Drink issue of 7x7 Magazine. The story splits up old bars and new bars inspired by old bars into five types/eras: Barbary Coast, Speakeasy, Martini Bar, Tiki Bar, and Fern Bar. In each category I list some identifying factors and a few era-appropriate drinks. There are also tons of great pictures by photographer Erin Kunkel, including these yanked from the 7x7 website. Read the story online here or pick up the magazine on the newsstand for even more pictures than on the website. Read more →

Latin, Packing, Pisco: A Few Articles I've Written Lately

I've had several stories come out recently, so I thought I'd share them here. This blog is also my resume, after all. Friday I wrote about my recent piece in the daily email Tasting Table San Francisco. This one is about Encanto Pisco, brought to us by a bartender, a sommelier, and a distiller. Attention people attending Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans this July: My story about what to pack for the week (for media, speakers, bartenders, PR, and brand reps) in the June issue of Tasting Panel Magazine is now online. In the July issue of Executive... Read more →

Content and Social Media versus Traditional Media

Like most everybody, I spend a fair amount of time thinking about the new role of social media and the decline of traditional media. But unlike a lot of people my livelihood depends on one or the other. I'm a freelance writer who blogs, hoping that if money stops flowing to one income stream it will flow into the other. On the journalism end, companies are spending less on advertising. Since advertising pays for the journalism that surrounds it, there are less newspapers and magazines around, and those still around have reduced their size. Thus there is generally less journalism... Read more →

Glossy Booze: Early November Edition

Glossy Booze is a regular Alcademics round-up of booze stories in magazines. Details (November) has a story on underappreciated red wines. Imbibe (Nov/Dec) has recipes for homemade eggnog, drinks with figs, and party drink recipes, a comparison of witbiers, a story on Greg Boehm of, one on barleywine, another on bargain sparkling wine, fancy hot chocolate, and a travel piece on drinking in Hawaii. Malt Advocate (Fall 2009) has stories on Japanese Whisky, Australian whisky, water in whisky, GlenDronach, and drinking in Bardstown, KY. Men's Journal (November) has stories on California blended wines and good Canadian Whisky. Food &... Read more →