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(Almost) All the Cocktails & Spirits Books Published in 2015, For Reading or Gifting

My annual list of most all of the cocktails and spirits books that have been released. This year we see tons of whiskey books again, and a whole segment of bar-specific cocktail books and a new category of narrative cocktail history. Read more →

Ground Control to Major Tom Collins: Glassware Designed for Space Travel

This week a company Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation announced work on a new space program to make cocktails in space a reality. The idea isn't to cater to astronauts, but rather for the much delayed space tourism industry expected to launch this year. We're not talking about sipping a drink Capri Sun style (prepackaged cocktails in a bag), but a stemmed drinking vessel that looks like a cocktail glass. Designed with grooves that hold the drink simply through surface tension rather than a physical barrier to keep it in the glass. The concept is based on the same kinds of principles... Read more →

High-Tech Bar Equipment on

In a slideshow for Popular Science, I wrote about ten pieces of bar equipment you not know about as they're hidden behind the scenes. The story includes equipment used by some of the world's most innovate bartenders and includes equipment including rotovaps, machine-engraved ice, sous-vide cooking, and many others. Check it out on! Read more →

Making Cocktails with “Maximum Flavor”

Writer Kevin Liu attended the Maximum Flavor event in Richmond, VA. Here he reports on the food and drink amplified with a touch of science. Crafting "Maximum Flavor" into Food and Cocktails at Heritage Restaurant, Richmond, VA Kevin Liu likes to drink science and study cocktails. Wait, that's backward. He's the author of Craft Cocktails at Home and his writing has also appeared on Serious Eats, The SweetHome, and Popular Science. I recently had the chance to attend a special dinner put on as a collaboration between Chef Joe Sparatta of Heritage Restaurant and Alex Talbot, author of the just-released... Read more →

Random Notes on LA Cocktails from Bartenders who Work There

During Hawaii Cocktail Week, I attended a seminar called LA Confidential, held at Thirtyninehotel. Panelists were Julian Cox, Paul Sanguinetti & Cherish Mumme, all of Los Angeles. The talk was meant to illuminate trends and techniques popular in Los Angeles today. Here are a few notes I took. LA has more molecular cocktail programs - and more people accepting of them- than other cities. Examples include The Bazaar by Jose Andres and Ink by Michael Voltaggio. A good place to buy molecular mixology/gastronomy supplies is Modernist Pantry. Using goofy names for cocktails makes them less intimidating to guests. Julian Cox... Read more →