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Glossy Booze: Big October Edition

Glossy Booze is a regular Alcademics feature in which I cover the liquor coverage in glossy magazines. Bon Appetit (October)lists a recipe for the Highland's Fall from Peter Vestinos, available here. Also, a story on dry cider and one on dessert wines. In November St. John Frizell has a recipe for the coffee/rum drink Koffie Van Brunt. Everyday With Rachael Ray (October) has a story on "gum cocktails"- not something you get at Tailor, but combining flavors of gum to make new flavors. GQ (September) had a big feature on the six best drinking cities in the US. They were... Read more →

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The Intercontinental Cocktails of Charles H. Baker

I wrote a story in this weekend's San Francisco Chronicle about Charles H. Baker's cocktails and their popularity, centering around the program at Heaven's Dog in San Francisco. "A hazy memory of a night in Havana during the unpleasantnesses of 1933, when each swallow was punctuated with bombs going off on the Prado..." This line by Charles H. Baker Jr. introduces not an account of Cuban rebellion but the cocktail Remember the Maine, which he was drinking there while it took place. Baker wrote about drinks from his travels around the world in the early 1900s, mostly during Prohibition, when... Read more →

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Borscht: The New Vinegar?

What will take vinegar's place as the freaky new cocktail ingredient to sweep the nation? It could be beets. A couple of years ago I had my first beet drink, at Mint and 820, the Portland, OR bars where Lucy Brennan rules the roost. Soon thereafter, Brennan's book Hip Sips came out with the recipe. The drink is merely beet-infused vodka with lemon-lime fresh sour mix. It's delicious. That was the only beet drink I'd seen until a few months ago. In October, Double Cross Vodka was promoting a set of drinks including the Borscht Martini. It is merely muddled... Read more →

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