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Live from Buenos Aires: David Wondrich on Drink History in the Americas

Hello from Tales of the Cocktail on Tour in Buenos Aires! I am attending three seminars today held at the lovely Intercontinental Hotel. (Then the rest of the time I'll just be in bars.) The first seminar was a talk by David Wondrich called Drinking the Americas from Punch to Prohibition Below are notes I took in the seminar, mostly unedited, but let me know if these raise any questions and I'll try to answer them. When Columbus arrived some South American and North American peoples had localized fermented beverages but not really any trade or exchange in them. When... Read more →

London: Paramount Club, Cottons, and Callooh Callay

Yesterday in London I hit three spots. We had an afternoon lunch at the Paramount Club which is on I think the 32nd floor of a building with 360 degree views like this one. I don't know what it's like at night but I liked being there during the day. Later that night, we had dinner at Cottons, rum ambassador Ian Burrell's restaurant. The place oozes comfort and good vibes, with a soul singer near the front door, several rooms for dining, and of course a huge rum selection. Funnily enough I ordered a dish that came with roti, the... Read more →

Beverages by the Bowlful in San Francisco Magazine

My latest story in San Francisco Magazine is online here. The pictures are way better in the print version. Beverages by the bowlful By Camper English, Photograph by Shaun Roberts Though punch predates the classic cocktails San Franciscans have been sipping for the past few years, it has taken a while for local mixologists to commit to it. But in this post-ultralounge era of quieter celebration and more complicated drinks, well-crafted booze in bulk makes a lot more sense than the overplayed bling of bottle service at nightclubs. With punch, you’re paying for an expertly prepared, jumbo-size cocktail, instead of... Read more →

Must-Try Punch at The Alembic

This Sunday July 26 at The Alembic in San Francisco is the monthly Savoy Cocktail Book Night where the book is the menu. Pick a drink and the bartenders will do their best to make it. This event grew out of Erik Ellestad's Savoy Project, in which he's making all the recipes in the book in order. One recipe that you simply must try is the Milk Punch that Ellestad has been making. If you didn't know it was milk in the drink it might take a while to figure out what the unique flavor and texture was. It's amazing... Read more →

Glossy Booze: Late June Edition

Glossy Booze is regular Alcademics feature; a round-up of spirits stories in magazines. Details (June/July) has a story on punch and places to get it around the country, plus a small feature on Hauz Alpenz products. ReadyMade (June/July) has another story by Alex Day, this one on ice. Looks like some good advice on how to freeze and split a pan of ice. Town and Country (July) has a feature on new food and drink cookbooks for summer. GQ (July) has three fizz recipes: the Ramos Gin Fizz, the Rum Fizz, and the Gin Fizz. Mutineer (June/July) has a story... Read more →