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Which Are You More Afraid Of: Gin or Absinthe?

Over at, I have shared a recipe from Nate Quiroga of Liberty in Seattle. The drink seems to be a variation on the Aviation. Instead of gin, which is scary to some drinkers, Quiroga uses vodka. But the price you pay is that he also replaces the maraschino liqueur in the drink with absinthe. This leaves the drinker to decide whether they're more afraid of gin or more afraid of absinthe. Personally, I like 'em both. Get the recipe over at Related articles Please Don't Hoard The Malacca Read more →

SF-Seattle Bartender Swap: Two for One

The citizens of San Francisco were lucky enough to unload Beretta bartender Ryan Fitzgerald on the unsuspecting populace of Seattle for a couple of days. In exchange, we get to see two Seattle bartenders working shifts at Beretta today and tomorrow. What will these strange foreigners bring to the bar? Will all the cocktails be made with coffee? Do they only use rainwater for ice cubes? Will they be able to understand the cash registers if they're not based on Microsoft software? I guess we'll just have to visit them and find out. Here's what we know: Robert Rowland of... Read more →