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Islay, Scotland During the Feis Ile Festival: A Good Time to Visit?

For years I'd heard about the Islay Festival of Music and Malt aka Feis Ile, and last year I finally was able to attend courtesy of Bunnahabhain. (All pictures on this post of from Bunnahabhain's distillery day.) During Feis Ile, each of the distilleries on the island hosts a party one day, with live music, food, special tastings, demonstrations, and tours. Each distillery also puts out a special edition of whisky just for the festival and usually only available for purchase by attendees. During Bunnahabhain's distillery day, I had a chocolate and whisky tasting as well as a whisky and... Read more →

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Peru, Bird Poop, and the Birth of the Agro-Industrial Complex

Peru is an exciting country for drink nerds like me, as it is the birthplace of the potato, pisco, and the cinchona tree that produces quinine for tonic water. I didn't realize until recently that it was also the birthplace of the international guano industry, perhaps the world's first exported industrial fertilizer. Read more →

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Bars, Restaurants, and Sights of Lima, Peru

In 2014 I visited Peru with Pisco Porton. In this post, I wanted to write up some places I visited in the city of Lima. I was only in town for about a day in a half, so I didn't see much. Cocktail Bars and Restaurants in Lima Johnny Schuler's Key Club This restaurant is sort of like a speakeasy bar: It's open to the public, but there is no sign so you've gotta just know where it is. It looks very much like a place politicians and other power players would dine. I ate there with Schuler, who is... Read more →

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