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Cocktail Geeks Blogging Their Way Through Books

It takes a lot of ambition to make every drink in a cocktail book- not to mention a lot of booze- but more people are signing on for the task. Erik Ellestad of the Underhill Lounge blog has made all 900+ cocktails in The Savoy Cocktail Book . The guy deserves a medal. But now he's gone on to attempt the rest of the drinks, and the poor bastard is currently on the non-alcoholic section. Then again, after 900 drinks or so it's good to have a glass of water. Adam Elmegirab is working on The Jerry Thomas Project, in... Read more →

Alcademics is Influential

According to a recent study by eCairn, Alcademics.com is the most influential English-language spirits blog and the third most influential alcohol blog entirely. Cool! eCairn Conversation is a software tool for measuring influencers and conversations in social media. This allows brands to identify the separate online communities, look at what they're talking about, and see where they're located. This information/software can be purchased by marketing companies looking to reach bloggers and other blatherers on the web. I don't know what set of metrics they use to measure influence. It's certainly not pageviews alone as I don't win in that race,... Read more →

I'm Blogging on FineCooking.com

My lack of posts lately is due to the seven stories I had due in the last two weeks. One of them was my first blog entry for Fine Cooking Magazine's website, FineCooking.com. It is my recipe for the Double Rainbow Cocktail, as seen here on Alcademics with rainbow ice. It's yum. I'll be blogging once a week for FineCooking.com. You can find my posts on the site by scrolling over the Cooks Talk icon, and selecting In Good Spirits from the blogs. Or just check back here, as I'll be cross-posting as blog entries go up. Note: Hooray! Read more →

Alcademics, now with actual links!

I finally created a links page. The permanent links page is here, but I wanted to finally recognize people whose blogs I read. See note below if you don't see your site here. Bartenders Who Blog: Listen to the Ice H Ehrmann Neyah White Jeffrey Morgenthaler Jimmy Patrick Jonny Raglin LUPEC Boston Jamie Boudreau Bourbon & Branch Beaker & Flask Lance Mayhew United States Bartenders Guild Drink Nerds: A Dash of Bitters Bunnyhugs Cocktail Nerd DC Drinks Dr. Bamboo Drink Boston Drink Boy Drinks Are On Me Infusions of Grandeur Intoxicated Zodiac Kaiser Penguin Gumbo Pages Moving at the Speed... Read more →