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Book delays

Last December I ordered a reproduction copy of the The Bartender's Guide from 1862 by Jerry Thomas, put out by a publisher called New Day Publishing. They also have a reproduction of The Stork Club Bar Book and the Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book.

Every couple of months, I get an email saying that my order has been delayed and that it will be available in a another month. Today I received an email stating it's now delayed until December of this year. Amazon has marked it as "currently unavailable."

I tried to reach New Day Publishing for a story I wrote a while back, but was unable to locate them. (I did reach a publisher with the same name, but they produce Christian literature. The receptionist said, "No, that wouldn't be us.")

Does anyone have the scoop on what's up with them?



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Wanted to buy one off amazon last week as well and found the same problem.
There might be a chance to buy it over a European distributor.


Problem is, they don´t use paypal and don´t accept credit cards. Try their contact:


One book is about 20 Euros, so it might come out around 30 with shipping.

Maybe this helps

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