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The lines, ever-blurring

Yesterday I went to the Hangar One Vodka/ St. George Spirits distillery in Alameda for a party. I've been to their tasting room before but never back to where the stills are. (The area is only open to the public for the Saturday tour.) They have what looks to be... Read more →

Terrible News!

Imagine my horror when I picked the Sunday newspaper off my neighbor's front steps today and read the headline: "A LIFE WITHOUT BARS"After I stopped screaming I looked closer and found it was an article about a once-battered woman who killed her abusive husband and how she's now been freed... Read more →

Tonic Taste Test

In my tonic article in the Chronicle, I only briefly mentioned the tastes of the tonics neat, not having the time to do a full taste test with different gins. But how often do you drink tonic without gin? In a lucky coincidence, Time Out New York did a taste... Read more →

Mixing New Orleans cocktails

Thanks to Todd Price on eGullet who pointed out these videos. In them, Chris McMillian of the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans demonstrates how to make some famous local cocktails. In the Ramos Gin Fizz video he tells us that some people add a couple of drops of vanilla to the drink,... Read more →

Boutique Tonic Water

Finally my tonic water story came out in today's SF Chronicle: The Evolution of Tonic Water In the quest to make better cocktails, today's bartenders rethink each ingredient in a drink and try to improve it -- from the cheap, mass-produced version, to a higher-quality version, to the artisan version,... Read more →

Wine-Finished Bourbon

Another piece by me in today's Chronicle: Bourbon with a Chardonnay chaser Over in Scotland, wood-finished whiskies are all the rage. Most Scotch ages for years in barrels that previously held bourbon or sherry, and recently several distillers have been transferring the whisky in its final years to barrels that... Read more →

Summer camp- at a special discount

In today's Chronicle: Summer camp for cocktail drinkers The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay hosts a Mixology Weekend Aug. 3-5 as part of its "Inside the Kitchen" summer series. The hotel offer five 2-hour courses taught by some of the Bay Areas best bartenders -- Thad Vogler (Jardiniere), Todd Smith... Read more →