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Here is something I learned yesterday from Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris: whiskey can go bad once the bottle is opened.

Before the bottle is opened, it will last indefinitely. Keep it stored upright, but tip it over once a year so the cork gets a touch of wetness. If you're planning on storing it for many years, you should seal the top better by dipping it in wax. (This is specific to Woodford, which is capped with a cork and wood, which are breathable. Some whiskies already have a wax seal.)

After the bottle is opened, it will still last indefinitely until the bottle is roughly a third emptied. Until that point enough spirit evaporates into the empty air that the environment is right. But once you've had more than a third or so of the bottle, the air/whiskey balance can throw off the spirit and you may see it turn cloudy and the flavor will go off.

Here's the good news- this won't happen for about two years, so you've got plenty of time to finish that bottle.

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Did he happen to mention that each bottle of Woodford Reserve is 95% Old Forester, available at BevMo for $13.99?

Dirty secrets of the bourbon trade!


Hi, I have a 5 gallon bottle whisky and keeping it up right position with original seal (also it is mounted to its original stand). Does it go bad? Any body have any idea? I read most of the forums but still suspicious:( Thank you. Tarkan


I just found a couple of old bottles of scotch from 1981? I know that whisky can lose alcohol over time, but will this still be good?

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