Eau my goodness
The Tales of the Cocktail Swag Awards

Tales of the Cocktail 4 - The last two days

I think I'm a rare person that made it through all of Tales of the Cocktail without a hangover. But then I drank a lot on the plane and have one today back in San Francisco. Still, the conference was exhausting and I was starting to feel it on Saturday.

At the Cocktails and the Blogosphere talk, they touched on a few interesting things:

  • Blogs' strong points are they're both updated regularly and interactive, and can reach a lot of people fast.
  • They have the ability to spread the word about great recipes (for drinks or drink ingredients) and products, and effect cocktail menus and consumption on a pretty large scale.
  • PR people haven't been so good at paying attention to blogs and pitching the appropriate ones.
The vermouth section was pretty advanced so I'm going to need to parse through the handouts to get up to speed.

The Riedel spirits glassware tasting was terrific. In three different types of glasses we had three different wood-aged spirits and we tasted through to find the glass that brought out the best aspects of the spirit, while minimizing the alcohol burn. While tasting the Islay scotch, one glass made the nose smoke first, then fruit behind it while another glass achieved the opposite. It makes me want to re-taste everything in my liquor cabinet in different glasses!

Then we went out drinking. I bowed out relatively early but many others saw the sun come up.

The next day I first packed up my swag, which took some time. I had lunch at Riche in the Harrah's where we were staying, and managed to get to the Tales of the Cocktail Spirit Awards late enough that it was over. Drat! Many people looked like hell at this point and lept out of bed showing up at the awards ceremony in yesterday's clothes. I guess that's an appropriate ending to the event.

And I'm definitely planning on going again next year.



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