Sock Suckers
We've got spirits fests, yes we do


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What a lovely and mildly seizure inducing site. Is the woman on that site real, or some CG nightmare...

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for some nice caffeinated schnapps. No, really, I can't tell you because I haven't!

and really, the holidays are near, shouldn't they be marketing a nice IN YOUR FACE GRANDMA Peppermint Schnapps for all the Candy-CaneTinis and whatnot?

The marketing just looks so forced towards someone's idea of a demographic. Then again, with an artificially flavored, caffeine enriched neutral grain spirit, I suppose there's plenty of cash left for things other than the product.

and woo, there's a BLOG.


I will do you the courtesy of stepping outside before I hurl.

I've got a lump on the back of my head now too, from the seizure induced by looking at that hellish website. Don't worry though, Camper -- I'll sue them, not you!

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