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October 2007

Stuff It

Hey professional bartenders (and chefs)- here's a contest I haven't heard getting much publicity. (But then again, I haven't been reading much lately.) Chopin vodka is having an olive stuffing contest (as in, create a stuffing, not a speed of pimento insertion contest) with a big fat prize of nothing... Read more →

Boozin' Confusion

Sometimes finding the right person to contact to ask questions about a booze brand is harder than it seems. You see who owns it and ask then call them up, right? Of course not. There is a weird distribution system in this country (and, it seems, in others) that I... Read more →

Around the world in 80 press trips

It may sound like I'm complaining about this schedule and the resulting jet-lag, but really I'm just bragging and explaining my lack of posts. October 8-14 Paris and Warsaw (vodka) October 18-21 Barbados (rum) October 22-23 San Francisco (WhiskyFest and related events) October 24-27 Mexico (tequila) November 7ish New York... Read more →

Where's the after-hours at?

I just got word that Swig and Bourbon & Branch will be holding discounted after-parties for WhiskyFest San Francisco Oct 23. You know, just in case you haven't had enough with the 200+ at the tasting. Bourbon & Branch After Party 501 Jones St. San Francisco, 415-673-1921 20% discount on... Read more →

Back from Poland

I'm back from Poland and jet lagged as all get-out. I was there and in Paris on a press trip for Chopin vodka. While I'll save many of the details for a later exposition on the trip and for stories I need to write, I'll hit the highlights of the... Read more →

American Gin

Rick Lyke has a short tasting of four American gins from Philadelphia, Oregon, Michigan, and Colorado. I forget how many boutique gins there are in the US these days- lots of them. Off the top of my head I can also think of Spruce, Aviation, 209, Junipero, Sarticious, and I'm... Read more →