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It is an immutable law of lifestyle journalism that all articles about booze appearing in the run-up to New Year's Eve must give tips on either avoiding hangovers or curing them. So says Jason Wilson in today's Washington Post story on grapefruit drinks. So true. Last year this time I... Read more →

Lalique- So Chic!

By me, in today's SF Chromicle: Splurge on a $12,000 bottle of scotch Though the product isn't available until January, the whiskey lover in your life probably won't mind the IOU for this $12,000 Macallan 55-year-old single-malt Scotch packaged in a custom Lalique crystal bottle. The spirit inside is unusual... Read more →

Boozeless Cocktails

By me, in today's SF Chronicle: Drink Menus Explore Virgin Territory with Alcohol-Free Cocktails Camper English, Special to the Chronicle Bay Area restaurants and bars are increasingly devoting space on their menus to alcohol-free drinks. These concoctions are more complicated than simple sodas and juices, involving the same glassware, seasonal... Read more →

Free money

Here are two free ideas: 1. Some bar should start a low-calorie cocktail list. You could sell low-calorie rum and Cokes using Diet Coke and half the rum as usual. And you could charge twice as much for it. 2. Why hasn't anyone invented a chocolate chip cookie dough martini?... Read more →

Don't click here has a list of "unhealthiest holiday cocktails," where they list the number of calories, carbs, and fat in a bunch of winter drinks. It's nice and shocking that a mudslide (at least the way they make it) has 851 calories, but overall I think this story topic is just... Read more →


The Economist has a nice article on genetically modified wine. They are creating what the producers want (disease-resistant grapevines) rather than making tweaks that also appeal to consumers. What sort of traits might consumers want, you ask? More reliable flavours for one thing. No longer need you doubt whether a... Read more →